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However, now tech companies are applying this method to find highly qualified talents abroad. Such an approach is not due to reducing costs, but rather to the lack of qualified human resources in their country. In general, IT recruiting in Ukraine is the right way for getting highly skilled professionals and operating the business. There are two most used business models that can be successfully applied in the market, outsource and offshore development centers. Their main peculiarities will be described further in the next chapter.

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Every year the demand for new IT specialists in Ukraine is thousand people. In turn, higher education institutions graduate an average of 16.2 thousand bachelors in IT specialties each year. Colleges and technical schools train an average of 6.3 thousand junior specialists a year, and this number is growing every year. However, without further education, junior specialists will be insufficiently involved in the labor market of the IT industry, so they continue their studies in the university program.

One of the greatest challenges scaring international companies off the outsourcing solutions is the language barrier. Indeed, it’s very problematic to reach the desired goal in case you cannot reach the basic common understanding with your staff. However, this is not the case for Eastern Europe software outsourcing as coders here are predominantly proficient in English. Many of our clients confessed that they didn’t know how to start with hiring developers remotely and which country to choose.

Software Development Market Overview in Ukraine

Iva has been working in operations, sales and project management from the beginning of her career path. Nowadays Iva runs her company that helps clients from the USA, Europe, and the Middle East to establish their development teams in Ukraine. If you have decided to outsource software development to this region, Ukraine is offering the best cost-benefit balance. Accedia helps clients scale their team size and finds the developers with the required skills to minimize operational overhead. It has clients from many countries and provides great opportunities for leveraging remote collaboration.

As for middle and senior-level coders, they charge up to $28-$32 and $34-$40 per hour respectively. Programming languages like Java, Python, JavaScript, Ruby, and Node.js have considerable demand among the companies. Technical skills are a must, but facts about software developers reveal that nearly 60% of recruiters are more focused on finding tech employees with hard and soft skills. Interesting enough, many engineers did not notice any meaningful salary changes these years. The 2019 Honeypot Amsterdam developer survey says, “the most experienced developers earn an average of €55,000 high as over €70,000”. The 2021 salary report puts the most experienced software engineering salaries in Amsterdam at €60,000/year.

  • In general, software engineers located in cities across the UK, Switzerland and Scandinavia are paid the highest salary.
  • As a result, Ukraine is a perfect place for successful startups where foreign companies are happy to invest.
  • The total cash compensation, which includes bonus, and annual incentives, can vary anywhere from $84,800 to $119,800 with the average total cash compensation of $104,300.
  • In Poland a developer will typically make $22,740, and in Ukraine, the average is $22,348.
  • The 2019 Honeypot Amsterdam developer survey says, “the most experienced developers earn an average of €55,000 high as over €70,000”.

In any case, once a junior gets a few years of experience under their belt they create much more leverage when negotiating their salaries. At the same time, there are only 62,000 computer science students graduate who can apply for the job. These numbers create an enormous gap in hiring software engineers, despite the fact that tech giants are paying above-market salaries. With the recent situation in the world, many companies move their activities to various distant locations to fill the talent gap.

Junior Software Engineer Average Salary

Startups with little capital and bootstrapped companies might fall in this category. In the Netherlands, these companies would pay €50,000-75,000/year for a senior engineering role in the Netherlands, everything included (apart from the hard-to-value early-stage startup equity). Feel free to contact us and get details about our outsourcing software development services and Intellectsoft top-notch development talent. JavaScipt, Java, and SQL are among the top languages in other Eastern European countries. Apart from this, you can find specialists who have a professional command of other, less popular programming languages.

eastern europe software engineer salary

We will discuss the key facts about it, the top offshore software development Eastern Europe companies, top countries, their pros, and cons. In terms of programming languages, developers with knowledge of Ruby are best-paid ($12,110), while PHP and JavaScript developers are paid the least. If we look at programming languages, it’s clear that some of them pay better than others.

Software Engineering Salaries in Europe vs The United States (

Our experts know how to deal with all the peculiarities and take care of the operating management. We will assist in creating the ODC, transform it into a reputable and profitable organization by getting only top talented developers, applying the latest recruitment methods. A vendor or offshore development team in Ukraine, who will do everything for you. A decade back offshoring was usually used to reduce taxes and decrease maintenance costs.

eastern europe software engineer salary

Out of developing countries, Nigeria leads the comparison with India last. Golang and Ruby tend to be highly paid languages, whereas JavaScript and PHP are the languages with the lowest salaries. In Zurich, Switzerland (#10), software developers can expect an average salary of $110,123.

Average Software Salary by Country

Eastern Europe is a location offering IT outsourcing with the best combination of price and quality. While most coders from this region possess a solid technical background and can deliver exceptional services, their rates are highly competitive as compared to Western programmers’ rates. Besides, additional costs such as office rental, office supplies, software, and equipment are also cheaper in this region, which makes all aspects of outsourcing more cost-effective here.

This is actually happening, as now many different IT companies from abroad cooperate with Ukrainian universities. The following diagram will show the differences in salaries for Senior Developers from Ukraine, Belarus, Armenia, and Georgia. Since Senior developers are in great demand for the market let’s first see the data regarding their salaries. Salaries and getting to know the answers to the most interesting questions.

Even with the rising amount of IT professionals from different countries, that are not only limited to European territories, the talent pool still falls short relative to the demand. This explains why there is higher pay in Eastern Europe compared to Asian regions; the former has a shortage of supply and the latter continues to increase over time. Despite these challenges, there are still countries that continue to grow their IT industry and make room for more and more clients.

How much can a Flutter Developer earn?

An experienced developer’s work costs from $50 to $120 per hour in the United States. In some states like California, top developer rates may range from $150 to $200 per hour. Canada does not differ much in this respect, being at about the same level. Software developer salary in the United States differs significantly from those, for example, in Central Asia or Eastern Europe. Consequently, hiring a remote team, a customer can reduce costs several times without losing quality.

eastern europe software engineer salary

Software programmer salary is projected to double in the next couple of years. On the other hand, in the US, the average salary of software developer is expected to decrease because of the lower usage of this programming language. Those who already know how offshore software development works in general will find helpful data about Asian and European IT job markets and programmer salaries comparison. In different countries there are different hourly rates among developers. Taxes play an important role in salary formation as these are obligatory in every country. Deducing tax payment should not leave the developer with less than a basic salary.

The average software engineering salary in Germany

Intermediate knowledge of Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Office – Basic knowledge web software and … Profile Experienced IT researcher with a solid knowledge of sourcing tools for attracting the best tech talents. It is also very convenient for employers with different development needs; most employers state their preference for the Flutter Developer in the job title ads.

DevOps Engineer

Applying for the Build-Operate-Transfer model provides your partner’s finance department services. This means you don’t have to deal with the tax question, everything will be solved. DNA325 – has more than 5 years of experience in the Eastern European market, we know exactly which country to recommend to our clients. Outsourcing is when business processes are handed over to another company.

Android developers are paid $5,181 per year and are the lowest paid software developers in India. One of the most significant advantages of outsourcing is that you may stop paying salaries as the project is over. The team may be temporarily, and you don’t have to worry about the office space for them. However, if you got used to having control over your project outsourcing model may not be right for your business. Usually, when you outsource professionals from other countries or even continents, the level of control decreases significantly. In addition, the outsourcing companies usually work with several clients at a time, such an approach may negatively affect some aspects, as you simply may not get enough attention to your needs.

EASTERN CO Intermediate Software Support Engineer Salary in

An engineer who joined Databricks in late 2018 has $6M worth of stock – on paper, that is. Joining rapidly growing companies that offer strong equity packages can increase your compensation significantly. Much of the high total compensation numbers are linked to equity that software engineers receive. Publicly traded companies that compete javascript developers salary globally issue high equity packages. Unicorns and decacorns competing for the same engineers often issue large private equity packages for employees. Most engineers making outsized compensation in Europe have done so by taking a moderate risk on a high-growth, road-to-public company, joining before the IPO, and negotiating for equity.

As for this Developer, their annual salary is $91,475, their monthly one is $7623, their weekly pay is $1,759, and an hourly rate of $43.98. For example, Flutter Developers in Ukraine earn an average hourly rate of $37 even though the programmers from this country are ranked among the most skillful in the world. The salary in such instances is usually high because the great demand for such skills in most flutter jobs is unquestionable. The prices are affordable here, but the countries experience a small talent pool and have lots of newbie developers. The offshore development market is relatively young here, concentrating mainly in Mexico, Brazil, and Argentina.

Here you can find skilled and experienced engineers for affordable prices. These are the developers who share the same values, strive to enhance their knowledge and skills, and stay loyal to their partners. The Czech Republic ranks as the 6th most comfortable country for startups in Europe. It has a pleasant environment and government support that help young companies develop and grow into big corporations.

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